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Across America, people are living in the shadow of the coal industry.

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The reason I want to Quit Coal is because of the corruption and greed perpetrated by the energy industry. Burning coal for energy is contributing to climate change in a big way. Scientists have warned us that we need to make swift changes to our energy grid in order to curb its catastrophic effects. The dirty energy industry in response has paid off our corrupt politicians and infiltrated every branch of our government. For some reason fossil fuel companies still receive subsidies amidst record profits while renewable energy companies struggle to compete on an uneven playing field. These evil companies are doing all this just to make themselves richer at the expense of the rest of the world. Storms are getting more intense and dangerous and people are getting sick from the pollution spewing out of these plants on a daily basis. I decided that I wanted to work to do everything in my power to stop these criminals.

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