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My name is Betsy Shepard and I live in Surry, Virginia. Home to Michael Vick\'s infamous dog fighting ring. Also home to a large nuclear plant. And the proposed site for the largest coal-fired power plant in the state of Virginia. This coal plant would send electricity out of our region and out of our state. It would emit 12,000 pounds of soot per DAY. It would emit a thousand pounds of lead per year. Countless tons of CO2 would spew into the atmosphere. It would also generate mountains of coal ash that would be stored on site over hundreds of acres--seven stories tall in people\'s backyards, over the town\'s aquifer, 3 miles from our schools, and partially in floodplains.The company who wants to build this plant tells us the ash will never blow around and the landfills will never leak. They tell us that there will be \"little to no environmental impact.\" And that we are on the \"razor\'s edge of blackouts\" and \"rationing.\"Despite the promises of jobs and money our community...

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