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As a child growing up on the south side of Chicago I was healthy, active and never had any problems breathing. That all changed when I went to high school. My freshman year I joined the rowing team which practiced on the south branch of the Chicago River, right next to the Fisk and Crawford coal plants. Within 6 months of joining the team I developed severe asthma that persisted for 4 years. It got so bad that I was collapsing after races. When I moved to Iowa for College my asthma went away within 6 months. I haven\'t used an inhaler since. Today I\'m working with residents in PA and NJ who are suffering from the same kind of pollution, this time from the GenOn owned Portland Generating Station. I\'ve spoken with people who have had to move to protect their children from respiratory diseases, home owners who can wipe coal ash off their window sills on windy days and concerned citizens who want to protect their beloved Delaware River. It\'s a different region but the same...

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