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My mother was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer when I was fourteen years old. She battled with it for over three years and went through aggressive chemotherapy and radiation. When I was sixteen, four people in my family were battling with cancer simultaneously - my grandmother, who died, my mother, who had over eleven surgeries including a bilateral mastectomy and an oophorectomy, my aunt, who had months of extensive chemo treatments, and my other aunt, who had had cancer twice before.

For them, it made sense. They smoked, drank, did not exercise. But my mom ran marathons. She clocked in six mile runs as a fun afternoon. She was sick and it was not right. But as her cancer went into remission, we stopped questioning why it happened and started looking for ways to move on.

When I was seventeen I went to a small village of about 120 people in Bray, France to work on an ecological bed and breakfast and organic farm. We were planted in the middle of a postcard;...

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