Duke Energy - Clean Energy Quotes

Below are some recent quotes by Duke Energy CEO, Jim Rogers about his views on Climate Change.
Unfortunately the reality does not match those claims. Every year, Duke burns millions of tons of coal from mountaintop removal mines in dozens of old coal-fired power plants.

It is time that Duke Energy actually walk the walk and make good on these statements:


"We 're in a unique position in the power industry to deploy the solutions, to raise the capital and not raise the national debt, to do it at scale, and to do it in China time."

"Because, as I said earlier to a group, the most environmentally benign plant we can build is the one we don’t build. And if we can invest in energy efficiency and we can help our consumers use energy in a more productive way—that will translate into savings to them in the future. "

"I want to be a part of shaping that dual mission of modernization and de-carbonization of our fleet and making our communities the most
energy-efficient in the world."

“We must move at ‘China speed’ to combat global warming.”

".... many of the developers of renewable are small companies who have not had access to capital....[Duke] has the capability to step in and drive the

  • CNBC, Feb. 17, 2010, 2.30

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