Cincinnati drops Duke, moves to 100% renewable energy credits

Greenpeace is welcoming the announcement by City Manager, Milton Dohoney Jr. today that Cincinnati is dumping Duke Energy’s dirty coal power for First Energy Solutions (FES), who will provide power for the city with 100% renewable energy credits.

“Today’s news out of Mr. Dohoney’s office is encouraging for all citizens of Cincinnati who voted for aggregation and 100 % renewable energy,” said Greenpeace Cincinnati Organizer, Kate Melges. “The citizens of Cincinnati gave the city a clear mandate to supply 100% renewable energy. The Council responded with resounding approval of the people’s demands, unanimously passing a motion asking bidders to include a 100% Renewable Energy Credit option.

“Unfortunately, FES is predominantly relying on co-generation to provide its renewable energy credits. Greenpeace wants to see FES deploying true renewable energy like wind and solar power throughout Cincinnati.

“Further, the bid announced today has no affect on the dirty coal plants surrounding the city. These Duke Energy plants will now be selling electricity to other cities, sending the profit back to HQ in Charlotte and leaving Cincinnatians with the pollution. That’s not a fair deal for the residents of Cincinnati.

“While Cincinnati had the opportunity to lead the nation in the development and deployment of clean, renewable electricity, it has taken only initial steps towards creating a 100 % clean, green Queen city,” said Ms Melges.

“The challenge now is for FES to deploy true renewable energy throughout Cincinnati,” said Ms Melges.

“The people of Cincinnati will not give up on 100% renewable energy, we have come too far and have fought very hard to make this a reality,” said UC student and life long Cincinnatian, Mackenzie Griesser.

Greenpeace and Ohio Citizen Action worked tirelessly to make 100% renewable energy an option for Cincinnati.

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