Cincinnati residents have spoken. We want 100% clean, renewable energy.

On Monday, the City of Cincinnati’s Budget and Finance Committee held the first of two public hearings on the city’s plan for Gas and Electric aggregation. Dozens of Cincinnati residents, young and old, attended and spoke up for 100% clean, renewable energy in Cincinnati.

27 out of 29 testifiers at the hearing called for the City Council to support 100% clean, renewable energy in Cincinnati. Many also asked that our natural gas not come from fracked sources. Students, parents, professors and many others told their stories about living in a city with one of the worst air qualities in the nation, their desire to live in a forward thinking city free from the grasp of Duke Energy’s polluting coal plants, and asked all nine council members to require any company bidding on our electricity to provide us with 100% clean, renewable energy.

Notably, a spokeswoman for Dayton Power and Light expressed their desire to bid, but was swayed by the overwhelming support for 100% renewable energy. She said that based on what she had heard throughout the duration of the hearing DPL would need to come forward with a strong bid that prioritized renewable energy and energy efficiency.

In November, Cincinnati voters overwhelming passed electric aggregation, allowing the city to pool our purchasing power and form a buying group in which we can negotiate lower electric prices and choose renewable sources.

The people of Cincinnati have spoken.

Which members of council will step up and support 100% clean, renewable energy in Cincinnati?