Does the sushi you eat contain dangerous levels of mercury?

The Sierra Club just launched an app for Android powered smart phones that will let you find out. According to the organization, the app can be used in two different ways. Novice consumers are able to look up their favorite rolls according to mercury levels (High, Medium, and Low) and sushi connoisseurs can look up mercury content based on the type of fish they are eating. 

The largest sources of dangerous mercury pollution in the United States are coal-fired power plants. Mercury is especially dangerous for pregnant women and young children. As many as 1 in 6 women of child bearing age has enough mercury in their body to put a baby at risk of mercury poisoning. 
With these facts in mind, it is terrible that companies like Duke Energy would lobby against federal regulations limiting this pollution. I guess when you only care about your bottom-line factoring in the health of your customers does not impact your decisions. 
So if you are a sushi fan like I am, take a moment and download this incredibly useful new app for your android phone. 
The iPhone version will be available December 16th.