Tax Day for Everyone? Not for Duke.

Tomorrow is Tax Day-- many of us are anxiously awaiting our tax returns or getting ready to write a big fat check to the government.

Due to corporate tax breaks, many large US companies are not required to pay income taxes to the federal government. In fact, Duke Energy paid NEGATIVE 3.5 percent in taxes between 2008 and 2011. Yep, I said negative.

Meanwhile, Duke is raising rates left and right in every state they operate. Ratepayers in North Carolina will likely see two rate hikes this year. As the ink was drying on the 7% rate hike, Duke announced its intentions to have another rate increase before the end of the year. When millions of North Carolina families and businesses are struggling to pay taxes and electric bills in a down economy, Duke Energy's tax dodging really adds insult to injury.

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Photo Credit: Business Insider

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