Duke energy: Talk is cheap, it’s time for action

Post by Greenpeace Coal Campaign Director, Gabe Wisniewski.

Greenpeace’s campaign to make Duke Energy into a true clean energy champion has started with a bang, and the reactions from both Duke Energy and Progress Energy (which are attempting to merge into the country’s largest utility) have been sadly predictable.

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Duke Energy Needs to Clean Up its Coal Ash Pollution

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Dozens of high hazard coal ash ponds are polluting the drinking water supply and local environment across the Southeastern part of the United States.  In North Carolina, the situation is especially dangerous.

Earlier this year, the North Carolina Division of Water Quality of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources filed a lawsuit against Duke Energy about the leakage occurring at the coal plant in Asheville, NC and the Riverbend coal plant on Mountain Island Lake. 

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Duke Wants More of YOUR Money; Learn How You Can Stop Them!

Duke Energy is trying to raise electricity bills again to pay for dirty coal and nuclear plants.  This is the 3rd time Duke has asked for more money since 2009.  They say they need 14% more money from residential customers.  This is bad news for North Carolinians.

There is good news, though.  You can help us stop Duke from taking more of our hard-earned money.  We know, with your help, that we can stop them, because we’ve done it before.

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Google pressures largest US utility company to put renewable energy on the menu

Thanks to some pressure from Google, the largest utility company in the U.S., Duke Energy, now plans to offer renewable energy to its major customers.  This will allow Google, who also announced plans today to double the size of one if its largest data centers, an option to power its cloud with clean energy.

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Don't Drink the Water

In 2008, a coal ash impoundment at TVA Kingston Fossil Fuel Power Plant failed. Five times the volume of the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster, the coal ash spill was the worst in US history. In 2009, the EPA, overseeing the clean-up operations, began shipping the 4 million tons of toxic coal ash –by rail to a landfill a region in Alabama known as the Black Belt.

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Sally Jewell can end the Department of Interior’s coal industry giveaways

As the new Secretary of the Interior, Secretary Sally Jewel has an important opportunity to end the Department of the Interior’s (DOI) giveaways to the coal industry, which are unlocking enormous amounts of carbon pollution, wasting taxpayer dollars, and subsidizing the coal industry’s efforts to export pu

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Two North Carolina coal plants turn off today, ending a century of pollution

This is no April fool’s joke. Today, two of Duke Energy’s dirty, outdated coal plants – Riverbend and Buck, in North Carolina – are officially turning off.

Duke Energy is the county’s largest electric utility, and until today operated 14 coal fired power plants in its home state of North Carolina. But because of the organizing efforts of everyday North Carolinians, two of those coal plants have been shut down before Duke had otherwise planned.

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Testify at a Public Hearing Against a Dirty & Expensive Duke Plan

This week Charlotte area residents will have the chance to voice their concerns about Duke Energy’s long term business plan to the NC Utilities Commission. This plan will have serious ramifications for people and our planet as it doubles down investments in dirty coal and dangerous nuclear energy, and passes the costs on to North Carolina rate payers. Duke plans on powering North Carolina on just 2.25% renewable energy by 2032. This isn't the leadership we need from the nation's largest energy utility.

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