Brandon N.

Featured Coal Story

This event has brought an awareness to our high school community. I chose to take action with the students across the nation, because with large numbers, it is a more efficient way to get our message out. I was pleased to see how many students at my school wanted to help fight for a better future. I went to the Environmental Science classes, as well as other classrooms to promote this event. This protest has helped me develop my leadership skills, and also how great it feels to fight for what is right.We gathered together during our lunch time, and protested around the entire block. We marched through our school for the grand finale, and really stirred up the student body. Many people joined our cause as we marched, and began to develop ideas of their own of why we need change in our environment. We also gave other students the chance to acknowledge this problem we are currently having with the depletion of fossil fuels, pollution and global warming. My teacher was so pleased to see her students rise up to action, which made me a very proud student. I was able to meet great people, and reconnect with a lot of my friends. These events are positive and productive, they promote a healthy way of life, and bring so many people together. This event was a great success, and I feel like I was meant to do this.