Laura A.

Featured Coal Story

My name is Laura and Im from Spain. I grew up in a really loving family with clear values of love and respect, but my family and I never were active in a organization or community. I knew that something was wrong in the world and I wanted to know what was going on but I didnt know who to talk to. I taught myself how to find the answers that no one close to me would know. It is hard but rewarding at the same time. I learn so much every day. I came to Colorado fascinated by the beautiful views and looking for a green lifestyle. I was so surprise when I learned that Colorado uses energy like coal-fired power plants. Coal mining results in more fatal injures than any other American industry. I cant believe how having 300 days of sun per year and enough wind for renewable energies the government and the businesses are still investing money on those dirty and toxic energies that each year cost the lives of as many as 36,000 Americans. It is really sad and I hope next time I come here the situation will have changed.