Illinois Senate Approves Bailout for $3.5 billion Coal Plant

Bad news today from the State of IL.

While coal plants across the country are shutting down and making room for smart investments in clean, renewable energy, the IL State Senate just approved a $286 million/year bailout for a new coal plant in Taylorville, IL. That's $286 million/year for the next 30 years, coming from the pockets of people like you and me, to bailout a $3.5 billion coal plant boondoggle that couldn't survive on it's own merits. We get higher electricity bills and more pollution, while the energy company Tenaska gets guaranteed profits.

But hope is not lost. The House can and must reject this bill and return common sense to government.

Check out this story from the Chicago Tribune

And this blog from our friends at Sierra Club, who have been fighting this bill in Springfield.