Students Fighting Coal on Campus

Do you attended a college or a university that has a coal plant on campus? Join this Community Forum to connect with others who are fighting coal on campus. 

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Submitted by Michael
February 24, 2012

"Yesterday morning, a group of about 20 students stood on the steps of Beardshear Hall. Standing in a line, they held up a number of signs that spelled out 'Pres Leath ISU welcomes you' and chanting phrases such as 'Hey, ho, dirty coal has got to go.' They then flipped their signs around and revealed a new message to their audience — 'move us beyond coal.'

The 'Beyond Coal' movement started on campus five years ago upon the discovery that Iowa State’s coal plant was...

Submitted by Polly
December 12, 2011

Nick Engelfried for It's Getting Hot In Here:

Note: yesterday a group of youth activists at the University of Montana (including myself) drafted a call for a weekend of action to protect communities from the coal exports industry.  Coal export projects may well be the largest single threat to the planet right now; and those of us in the heart of coal country need all...

Submitted by Polly
December 8, 2011

Sierra Club Minnessota North Star Chapter:

Campus Beyond Coal members, UMN-TC students, and community members gathered outside Xcel Energy Inc. on Wednesday, December 7th to deliver petition cards, hear individual’s clean energy...

Submitted by Polly
December 2, 2011

The Huffington Post has a great slideshow recap of all the student actions that went down in October at universities across the nation, noting that since the Sierra Club began its student activist Beyond Coal campaign, 16 schools have signed on to committ to retiring dirty coal plants on their campuses.  

Yesterday the University of Cincinnati News Record published a...

Submitted by Polly
November 17, 2011

The fight against dirty coal on college campuses across the US is still going strong, with recent protests in Virginia and Iowa.  

Press-Citizen on the University of Iowa action:

About 30 students gathered on the Pentacrest outside of Jessup Hall and UI President Sally Mason’s office Wednesday morning to advocate for a transition away from using...

Submitted by Polly
November 10, 2011

Senior, Knoxville, Tenn.
Vice President for the UGA Students for Environmental Action

Students for Environmental Action (SEA) is excited to see an active dialogue about the coal plant in the media. We were thrilled that Tim Burgess, the head of Finance and Administration here at the University, gave an update to the university community on the administration’s stance on UGA’s energy future and that energy policy is on the forefront of...