Community Guidelines

The goal set forth in creating is to promote an active discussion online around shutting down coal-fired power plants and transitioning to clean energy.  We welcome all ideas and viewpoints, but also want to maintain a respectful environment where no one feels alienated or discriminated against.  We have set the following rules for this community discussion, so if you wish to participate we ask that you follow them.

1. If your comments are defamatory, discriminatory, or hostile you will be banned from commenting.

We promote an active discussion and welcome people from all walks of life to create a diverse community of ideas and differing viewpoints.  This community does not however tolerate hostile behavior that will effect the well-being of the community.  We have the discretion to decide whether or not your comments need to be excluded from the community. 

If we decide that your comments are defamatory, discriminatory, or hostile, we will give you one warning. 
Individuals who continue to post these types of comments will be banned from commenting or posting to the site.   

2. We will not tolerate violence or threats of any kind is a peaceful community that promotes respectful intelligent discussion.  We will not tolerate abusive, violent, or threatening comments of any kind.  We reserve the right to remove these comments and if necessary contact the respective law enforcement agency to report this behavior. 

Please contact us if you are aware of this behavior occurring.

3. Please help us moderate! 

If you feel that a comment or user is engaging in offensive behavior please report the activity to us. (Link to email comment form)